One of the biggest benefits of keeping backyard chickens is collecting and cooking their eggs. Discover a wide array of egg-cellent recipes featuring your freshly gathered eggs, from farm-style breakfasts to delicious sweet desserts.

Treats for you!

• Deviled Eggs Five Ways will please every taste bud.

• Quick Egg Noodles will impress on pasta night.

• Extra-Cheese Monte Cristo and Croque Madame — hearty and delicious sandwiches

• Pumpkin Custard — who doesn't love a pumpkin dessert any time of year?

Baking secret: Most recipes are based on large eggs, but most backyard eggs will probably be smaller. You'll find an easy reference chart on page 188 of My Pet Chicken Handbook to make sure every recipe gets the right amount of egg, no matter the size your chickens lay.

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One of the best parts of keeping chickens is getting to enjoy their eggs. Treats for them!

Your chickens will come running for tasty indulgences! Get quick-prep recipes to give them a nutritious treat for special occasions. They will love the Scrambled Eggs for Chickens and the Waldorf Salad for Chickens recipes, and they're a snap to prepare.

Fun treats can even alleviate the boredom chickens experience during cold weather. Hang a head of cabbage for them to peck. As they peck the cabbage, it swings, making it challenging and exciting for them. It'll be like a chicken party piƱata! Click here for more chicken-keeping tips.

Cluck with these hens

Traci Torres and her husband launched My Pet Chicken.com with the goal of sharing valuable information and unique products for backyard chicken owners. My Pet Chicken is one of the only sites that will sell all breeds of baby chicks in quantities as low as three — an industry first. It is a trusted source for pet chicken lovers.

Lissa Lucas is the head writer for My Pet Chicken, as well as a devoted chicken keeper.

Concerned about salmonella with your own chickens and eggs? Don't be!Concerned about salmonella with your own chickens and eggs? Don't be!

Humans do not catch salmonella from chicks or chickens the way you would catch a cold from your neighbor. Salmonella is food poisoning; you get it from eating infected meat or eggs that have not completely cooked through.

The best way to keep your children and family safe from infection is by keeping your own hens so you can make sure they are living in clean coops.

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Lissa's Huevos Rancheros are delicious for breakfast or dinner.
Salmon Patties with Cucumber Ribbons are a surprising twist on a family favorite.
Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake is a welcome treat any time of day.
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